How It Works

How It Works

Let your money work for you!

Earn up to 29% returns on investment (ROIs) after 15 days as an investor when you invest in our pre-vetted and insured investment plans.

Advertisers gain more exposure on Statusearners using our advertising platform to reach out to millions of audiences.

How To Get Started On Statusearners

For Investors

choose a package

Register to join

Share ADs

Get paid for sharing ADs

Investment Plans

Basic: N8,000 (Earn N10,200 after 15days)

Standard: N15,000 (Earn N19,200 after 15 Days)

Advanced: N25,000 (Earn N32,250 after 15 Days)

Premium: N50,000 (Earn N64,500 after 15 Days)

Gold: N100,000 (Earn N129,000 after 15 Days)

Diamond: N200,000 (Earn N258,000 after 15 Days)

For Advertisers

Choose a content, product, or service you want to promote. (See the type of ads we offer)

Contact us for more information on payment and integration.

Then sit back and watch your Ad/ campaign grow and reach the targeted audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to register?
    It takes about 2 – 3 minutes to get started.
  • When are payments sent?
    Payments are sent directly to your bank account as soon as your investment plan is due for withdrawal. You’d be able to see the ‘cashout’ button once your subscription plan expires.
  • What is the payment threshold?
    Once you’ve made up to the expected return on your investment via the plan you choose, You are eligible for withdrawal.
  • Must I refer anyone before getting paid?
    A referral is completely optional on Once your subscription expires, you’d be able to use the “cashout” button on the website and withdraw all your earnings after 15 days of active subscription to your bank account, and then if you wish to continue earning from us, you can re-subscribe after withdrawal. Your earnings is been paid to your bank account within 12-72 hours of the request.
  • Do I receive anything for referrals?
    Yes! for each referral you get N1,000.
  • How much can I make per sponsored task daily on Statusearners?
    On Statusearners, you can earn up to N680 – N17,200 daily for 15days, depending on your investment plan.