Who We Are

Who We Are

Statusearners is a full-service affiliate marketing and investment platform that rewards users for delivering a particular task apportioned by the company. We protect your funds by only hosting investment opportunities that come with their insurance covers and have been pre-vetted for maximum security.

We also invest in business activities and provides a comprehensive and industry-leading program that unites advertisers and publishers through its self-serve and managed service into a complete reliable affiliate program.

Our Mission

To promote the greatest good and financial wellbeing of man and the environment through investment and affiliate marketing programs.

To provide innovative and effective integrated brand marketing and public relations solutions which help our clients grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals.

Our Vision

Delivering results-oriented affiliate marketing and investment programs that improve advertisers’ sales and foster investors’ growth financially.

Our Values

To provide the system and support needed to enable our members to achieve our vision. The well-being of the populace is our long-term lead.

We’re here to serve our clients.
Our commitment to our clients is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture – and we go above and beyond every day to prove it. It’s in our DNA.

We’re passionate about what we do.
We never lose sight of what matters most: our relationship with the client. We only succeed when our clients succeed.

We are creative, but smart too.
We produce clever work, but always keep the objective of each client top of mind.

We are results-oriented.
Pure and simple, that’s what we and our clients care about most – the bottom line! Cool, award-winning creative is great – but tangible results are even better. We strive for both.

Our Processes

At Statusearners, we believe that every brand, product, or offer can find its audience and place online. People, companies, and corporate businesses come to us for advertisements, then publishers share the ADs’ to one of their social media pages daily and get paid.

How To Start

For Investors

choose a package

Register to join

Share ADs

Get paid for sharing ADs

Investment Plans

Statusearners offers users four investment packages. They’re proportional to the wages earned by the subscribers. The four investment plans are;

Basic: N8,000

Standard: N15,000

Advanced: N25,000

Premium: N50,000

Gold: N100,000

Diamond: N200,000

For Advertisers

Choose a content, product, or service you want to promote. (See the type of ads we offer)

Contact us for more information on payment and integration.

Then sit back and watch your Ad/ campaign grow and reach the targeted audience.

Referral Program

Referral is completely optional on Statusearners.com. Once your subscription expires, you’d be able to use the “cashout” button on the webiste and withdraw all your earnings after 15 days of active subscription to your bank account, and then if you wish to continue earning from us, you can re-subscribe after withdrawal. Your earnings is been paid to your bank account within 12-48 hours of request.

Statusearners.com is owned by Statusearners Ventures, a company registered with the CAC (BN: 3420918). We operate using a cooperative license. Funds are invested in insured and vetted private ventures boasting solid financial track records, to ensure the safety of capital and guarantee in returns.

Your investment is in good hands

Here are some security measures we’ve taken

Data Encryption
We encrypt your data via SSL (an encryption-based Internet security protocol) for sensitive actions on your account.

We protect your funds by only hosting investment opportunities that come with their insurance covers and have been pre-vetted for maximum security.

PCI-DSS payment processing
We handle all your payment processes via a secure and reliable payment processor.